A query: I have a query to all professional botanists on this forum. Which technique is best used for determination of sucrose, glucose and fructose content in flowers especially really small ones

Do you want to analyse the sugar concentration in nectar?

If so, you may use any handheld refractometer(Model-ABT-32, VEE GEE Scientific, Kirkland, WA, USA, is an example), that you can carry to the field and determine the sugar level of nectar in flowers. You can collect nectar from flowers of different sizes by using capillaries of different sizes starting from 0.5µl to 100µl. You can select capillaries of different size according to the size (diameter) of the corolla tube (not the diameter of the flower).

Thank you … for th reply.I do have the procedure for nectar collection. But I neither hav capillaries nor the refractometer. Neither can I do the HPLC which is quoted in many recent references. But I have reference for rinsing flowers and the van hendel method (anthrone) for sucrose. I would like to know is this this procedure used often.


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