list of threatened plants of Maharashtra: I have the list of threatened plants of Maharashtra and in that there is no description of any trees in that. Anyone having such data, I would request to pls share.

so where is the list? put it up here and we can find you the description of pictures to match …
otherwise your request does not sound complete or authentic

I guess, nobody has worked extensively on flora of western ghat, people must work on flora of western ghat and basis of their observation can make the list of threaten plant.. there is a threaten plant list for Maharashtra of which many species are endemic to western ghat, so therefore it is one of the hot spot for biodiversity..

Many taxonomist have worked on small small patches of Western Ghat, and their finding are amazing..

This is what I am following now Madam

yes this list is available on internet, as i said these plants cannot be treated as threaten species of western ghat… but yes some of the species (not all) from the list is from Western ghat which can be treated as rare and endangered species..

Right said sir. Presently I am compiling a list in excel format, with data from Shrikant Ingalhalikar`s book and “National Park and Sancturies of Maharashtra (Vol I & II)” for status identification of flora.

i guess district floras of Maharashtra will be more useful to make list of threaten plant rather using some photographic books or incomplete list made by Sanctuaries or any National parks, no doubt it will very much helpful to us in identification..

I dont have access to such publication (District based). I would request to share, if it is available online.

please give a list of district floras of Maharashtra which will be more useful to threaten plants rather than photographic books and incomplete lists.

what an idea’ to make a list of threatened plants of Maharashtra. I hope (HOPE) has a number of volunteers to help you in the field and experts like … can guide you with their vast experience on this. I agree, unlike floras, photographic books are no good to threaten plants but some floras themselves have become highly endemic and threatened such that only a few individuals survive as fragmented population in just a few square kms calling in-situ conservation. Please feel free to ask any help from me as a member (not as an author).

I would need to have your help. I am not able to run the identick CD on my system due to some program problem. Can you mail me the software pls. I am sure that software would be of large help to me in preparing the checklist.

Today something happened so I thought I should reply to this mail.
I was to make a list of Threatened Plants from Indo-Burma region, so I looked into IUCN Redlist. I filled in all the criteria on the matrix and put it on search for whole of Orchidaceae in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar….. Pressed enter…. what I got was:
Zeuxine strateumatica: Least Concerned
Only information on Zeuxine strateumatica in such a big area. this is pathetic. This was joke of the day.

Anyways, what I intended to say was, if you have following things then you can assign the Conservation Status to any species sitting at home and publish it in a good journal and then send it to IUCN. Things that
are needed are:
1. Information of broad locality where the plant came from.
2. Internet with Google earth
3. A person who can draw polygon on ArcGIS or ERDAS and calculate the area of the polygon.

You just have to calculate the Area of Occurence and the Extent of Occurence and you can assign a robust Conservation Status to atleast the endemic plants of WG and also of India. At national level you can do it for any plant found in India. We have 1700 + members. The information needed is, HAVE YOU SEEN THE PLANT IN YOUR LOCALITY? If yes then ask him the locality and mark it on Google Earth. When you have all the points mark the polygon using the outer most points.
Calculate the area and compare it with the crieteria on IUCN. Where it fits in, you have the answer!!

what is ArcGIS or ERDAS?

anyways, according to me we must ask to those who have done field survey throughout his area, therefore i suggest to look into the regional floras like Flora of Kolhapur, Fl. of Sindhudurg, Fl. of Sawantwadi, Fl. of Goa and Sawantwadi, Fl. of Ratnagiri, Fl. of Ahmedanagar, Fl. of Nasik, Fl. of Raigad, Cook’s Flora, Fl. Maharashtra etc.. there rae plant list of Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, Satara etc.. and surely there are many more lists and books on these regions of maharashtra to select the plant status..

ArcGIS and ERDAS Imagine are two of the many softwares which can be used for the purpose of putting up your GPS points on the map and tracing the area out of it.
You may check these links: – ArcGIS – ERDAS IMAGINE

The simplest way will be to use google Earth too. But I a GIS person can tell you better how to use it for this purpose. I have also seen people using R+ for the same.

…: I agree with your point. All previous literature and their authors can be consulted for the locations of the plants.

IUCN criterias are given at following link: