group’s- experts’ views on the exotic plantation:

I wish to know this group’s- experts’views on the exotic plantation like eucalyptus, A. acacia,gliricidia sepium & subabul being carried out in India for greening the barren lands by forest n Muncipal authorities.
I have seen such monocultures in Uttarakhand, Gujrat and also near Pune Maharashtra, these plantations are literally invading the native trees out, they are also creating imbalance in the local biodiversity. Has any body done a proper study on this controversial- issue?
This study will guide the various plantation projects being carried out by community forestry NGOs.

Particularly Eucalyptus is not Good to grow in many areas specially where underground water is low as this tree need lots of water. However forest Deptt Haryana is planting this almost every where in state.

I had a chance to see almost all the post and monthly family wise update.  Good and outstanding photos was posted.
As an Ecologist, I wish to bring members attention that Recent Vardha Cyclone in Chennai has witnessed the ravage of Exotic trees.
We can think of bringing some kind of  list of Exotic tree species in EFI forum with photos. It can be useful for amateur nature lovers, public and engineers from PWD and High ways. 



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