The HOPE exhibition ‘Wild Flowers of India’ was successfully concluded last week-end. There was a large turn-out of visitors. And we had a few special visitors in Shrikant Ingalhalikar (Flowers of Sahyadri fame), Shreesh Kshirsagar ( Bahar fame), Sudhir Shivram (India Naturewatch fame) along with many of you who had contributed the lovely images.
We had divided the photographs into various sections covering Western Ghats, Endemic, Wild Flowers, Orchids, Relationships, Landscapes, Trees, Ephemerals, Medicinal, Insectivores, Himalayan, Exotics, Endangered, etc. Each section was preceded by an introduction in English as well as Marathi.
All visitors who entered their remarks in the visitor’s book made special mention of the fact that the photographs were accompanied by so much information.
Out of the 407 photographs on display, about 395 had been identified. Mr Ingalhalikar who visited the exhibition on the first day, devoted lot of time to go around the exhibition and help us correct some of the ids and id the previously unidentified flowers.
On the first evening, we had the function for release of two revised editions of Ingalhalikar’s books. Smt Ushapprabha Page, an avid trekker and wild-flower lover, released Flowers of Sahyadri, whereas Shri Nilimkumar Khaire, founder of Pune Sarpa Udyan and ‘granddad’ of the sarpamitra movement in Maharashtra, released Aasamant, the Marathi book.
On the second evening, we had the pleasure of the company of Shreesh Kshirsagar, popular author of Marathi books Bahar and Fulva, for over 3.5 hours of which he spent 1.5 hours in a very educative, stimulating and entertaining interactive session with HOPE members and visitors.
Thanks to you all for making such a wonderful event happen. We have taken images of your pictures on display and Yuwaraj Gurjar will be sending them to you shortly.
We will continue to look forward to your participation in Hope activities in future as well.

Thanks,sir. You are doing a wonderful job. The eflora group got mentioned during so many discussions.