Wild Life and Nature Photo Exhibition- 2012 In Panipat Haryana:

Association for Promotion for Plant Sciences and Manav Sankalp Society are going to organise a two day Photography exhibition on Wildlife and Nature. This event will be the first of its kind in the State of Haryana… Where people are not so much interested in watching beauty of Nature due to lack of opportunities and also many other factors. Both APPS and MSS have tried to put their efforts together to provide a platform to Nature Lovers and Budding Photographers and a learning experience for students as well as common man. Presently we have decided to keep this event free for all to see and praise beauty of Nature and wildlife. We are also trying to provide special time slots for students for helping them to understand the things in the displayed pictures.
In this Regard we seek your help to make this event successful. We request you to please contribute your good pictures for this event. I am attaching here the detailed information brochure in both pdf as well as .doc format for your kind attention please.
Hope to get very good response from you all.

Happy to note that you are determined to hold the exhibition as proposed. I am sure it will be a wonderful success.
As you know, HOPE had a successful exhibition in Thane where we displayed over 400 photographs from about 40 photographers. Though some of the photographs have been returned to their owners, we still retain over 300 photographs – sorted into different categories and properly identified.
I had written to you before the exhibition, when you mentioned the difficulty of holding exhibitions in the north, that we will try to help you. What I am now proposing is that we send you the photographs on returnable basis for display at your exhibition. Of course, we will need to take consent from the photographers, but based on past experience I think majority will agree happily. I had sounded out my HOPE colleagues on this during the exhibition and they more than favoured such collaborative efforts.
We can discuss the logistics separately, but do let me know your response to this proposal.
I notice from this mailing list that some of the photographers whom you have addressed this mail, had not been contacted by us. Their contribution to your exhibition will augment the stock of photographs on display and hopefully you will have a bigger and better exhibition than ours.
Do let know.