is this the way to express love / infatuation ?: People, irrespective of their maturity or age, misuse plants :-
1) teenagers carve out their lovers name
2) grown up(s) nails signboard
3) bouquets are unnecessarily made huge
4) leafy twigs are unnecessarily used in bouquet (someone will say they are to enhance beau…!)
When we will learn that plants are for use only…. other animals know this very well !
(well, the plant species in the attached pics – Borassus flabellifer)

this should be the ‘thought for the day’!… and nice pictures, too!
The wasps seem to have made a right selection to stay cool in this hot weather!

Thank you very much for your kind feedback. But i am sorry to say that i do not use flickr, my photos are on picasa (

I have more points relating to plant use/misuse/abuse, but i restrict myself because all of us know the issues. Yet i fail to restrain myself from expressing my another thought that may draw strongest ire from many quarters : I do not like Bonsai !

What is being shown in the last picture may not be done by lovers. So dont worry. But yes, this attitude of writing over public places annoys me too. Western world calls it Graffiti!!!

I also asked myself if those artwork on the leaf could have been resulted from some insects or birds. But with such finesse!!!.
However, it is a common practice, here, of teenagers/college goers/young daily labourers to inscribe their/lovers’/heartthrobs’ names on everywhere! You will see cupid hearts everywhere, on walls, inside train compartments, on cabs, on toilet doors…. many many more!!!

Related but, a digression.

Every beautiful tree in Lalbagh, Bangalore, will be occupied by couple, and always feel from their look that I am intruding their privacy.
In Lalbagh, there is an autograph tree in the middle of a reasonable sized lawn.
Initially I wondered why they haven’t put a board.
Later realized, people would have broken the branches to get the leaves and written their names all over the place.
Till now its remain untouched.
Infact I refrain from telling everybody that its an autograph tree.
Even though I am tempted to tell any kid playing under it, that is an autograph tree.

I live in a area called Lam Tsuen. There is a tree called the Wishing Tree. So people make a wish and tie it with an Orange or related citrus fruit and throw it on the tree. So it hangs on the tree. At one point the tree got so much over burdened that it was about to break its branches. Government officials came forward and constructed support to the branches. They constructed an artificial tree nearby and restricted people from touching the original tree. Now every ties wishes to the fake tree and it is acceptable to all. I imagine if this
can happen in India!!!

As long as a tree is old enough to have sufficient padding of dead tissues on its bark, i think, there is no harm in carving out names/design using a penknife, yet i do not support this.
As for intruding privacy i have had the same experience in Shibpur Botanical Garden in 2010,

I have also read about wish-tree in newspaper and those trees are in India. The novel idea conceived by the Hong Kong Govt., i am afraid, may not work here!
However, attaching some more photos that i took on that day. Also attaching links of a few more, recorded earlier.