Oberonia pachyrachis Rchb.f. ex Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 6: 681 1894. (Syn: Iridorchis pachyrhachis (Rchb. f. ex Hook. f.) Kuntze (Unresolved); Iridorkis pachyrachis (Rchb.f. ex Hook.f.) Kuntze; Oberonia umbraticola Rolfe);
Thick Spine Oberonia;



Gori Valley Tour: Orchid 4 for id..: This one is again a Oberonia sp. (may be same I am not sure).. identification is requested…

This species is Oberonia orbicularis Hook. f.

Oberonia pachyrachis.




ORCHIDACEAE FORTNIGHT:: Oberonia pachyrachis?? from Gori Valley- NS 06 : Attachments (4). 2 posts by 2 authors.

Please confirm the identity of this orchid shot from Gori Valley area.. is this Oberonia pachyrachis ??

Yes this is Oberonia pachyrachis.




Oberonia pachyrachis from Gori Valley 
Pls confirm

Yes this is Oberonia pachyrachis




Oberonia pachyrachis from Uttarakhand: May 2014 DSR_6 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2). 
This epiphytic orchid was shot near Jeolikot, Nainital area (Uttarakhand).

Only a closer view indicated that it also contains minute flowers in addition to capsules on fleshy inflorescence axis. Flowers are born in small grooves on fleshy axis.
I hope the ID is correct.

Yes this is Oberonia pachyrachis. Infact Dehradun is the type locality for this species.

Flowers are dry, when fresh they are bigger and golden yellow to orange in colour.



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