Identification keys;

KEY to Genera:

I need KEYS, and it is very troublesome to search and find them in a hurry…. here is a ready-reckoner. These keys can be found in – /home, but it takes time. I would request administrators to keep this post at the top of our group site so that it could be found easily. I request all to add links to similar KEYs in this thread, and only KEYS….. Thank You

A grand job done, and will perhaps members to pick up one (or more) genus and prepare a simple key so that non-botanists can also use it. We will make sure to have this on our main website also. Here it is.
We will soon add the list on the website only with links

Salvia (coccinea & splendens) =

will be cont’d …..

Thanks, …,
I am also putting the Keys at top in future editing of efi site pages (along with description, pronoununciation, common names, uses etc) e.g. Acmella radicans edited yesterday.
So with in a year or so, such keys will be available at the top of various efi site pages.
Also when ever similar species are discussed on an efi site page, the page species is in red ink, while the informations about other similar species are in blue ink.
With the colour scheme as below, perusal of efi site pages becomes very easy (One has to look for a particular colour to know about a particular aspect):