english names please: I am working on a document which contains the invasive species of plants in and around forests and villages of Karnataka. I have the local kannada names, but I need the english equivalents to them. Could someone please help?? The names are Kalli, Gandhi mullu, chagate/ chogate, Puliguthi.  Please do let me know as soon as possible. Thanks in advance !

Your query is precisely what stimulates people like .. and I, among others, towards developing banks of names. It will eventually help queries such as yours to be answered. At this point if you do not give us anymore clue it is very much a matter of luck if one finds those names, written as they are (there are many versions of the same name, more so when not in script). I have tried a few databases with lists of Kannada names but can’t find any of the 5 you mention. If I had the time I would spend a whole day searching and I may find something. Have you tried your local Department of Agriculture or equivalent, any weed expert in a local University?
Try to contact Dr. Ganesh he runs a site with Kannada names of plants used in Ayurvedic medicine. here is his e-mail: I cannot find the URL of the site right at the minute but it may be easier to contact him directly. Tell him that … gave you his address.
You need either the English name or the Botanical name in order to do extensive searches that will generate something.

… just as … says – the reverse approach of name gathering can be more of agonizing than enthusiastic.
You may attempt contacting Dr Ganesh referred by Mic.
You may also bookmark FRLHT’s database — http://envis.frlht.org/ver_search.php – an exhaustive database of Indian Medicinal Plants.
Here are some species that could be yours:
Caution: there are many more species that yielded in search results – with the keyword appearing as suffix / prefix.
1. kalli

Opuntia dillenii (KER-GAMIER) HAW.
kalli(Kannada), mullkalli(Kannada), papasakalli(Kannada), papasikalli(Kannada), papaskalli(Kannada), papasukalli(Kannada), pappaskalli(Kannada), sappattikalli(Kannada), shivaram-kalli(Kannada), sivaramakalli(Kannada), sivaramukalli(Kannada)

2. gandhi mullu
Barleria buxifolia L.
gandikottimullu (Kannada), gandu chotte mullu (Kannada), gandu kotthi mullu (Kannada), gandukottimullu (Kannada), ganukotte mullu (Kannada), ganukottee mullu (Kannada), gubbachhi mullu (Kannada), gubbee mullu (Kannada), gubbi mullu (Kannada),

3. chagate


4. puliguthi – yielded zero results, though guthi as a suffix yielded few.

Perhaps things could have been more accurate if you had supplied the scientific names of the intended plants. The regional names tend to overlap.

1. It seems name Kalli is also used for Euphorbia tirucalli L., for which following names are used
English: Milk bush, Indian tree spurge
Tam: Kalli, Tirukalli
Kan: Bonta kalli
Opuntia dillenia Haw. has following names
English: Prickly pear, Slipper thorn
Kan: Papaskalli
Mal: Palakakkalli
Tam: Sappathikalli

The name ‘kalli’ (in Tamil) is generally applied to any cactus/succulent plant, including mostly all Opuntias and almost all Euphorbias.
If you could upload the pictures of plants here, things may be easier and more accurate.

Sorry I do not have the photos to upload for better confirmation. Just one query… do people use Euphorbia for fencing purposes? If yes, then thats the name I require. Any idea about the other names – puliguthi especially, because its the first time im hearing this name. I have got the other names, thanks to all of you.

I have seen live fences of Euphorbia antiquorum in Tamil Nadu.
Kannada names for this species can be found at: http://envis.frlht.org/botanical_search.php?txtbtname=Eulophia+campestris+WALL.&gesp=928|Euphorbia+antiquorum+L.

Of course, there are various other species that are planted along fences, too…such as E. tirucalli, Cereus peruvianus etc. But the name ‘kalli’ கள்ளி generally refers to E. antiquorum. It is (the latex) known for its abuse as female infanticide, in the past, in some parts of TN.
I have no idea about the name ‘puliguthi’. … (marked a Bcc to him) may be of help to you. And, you may try to describe the plant by mentioning some of its special feature/use etc.

this is … last year completed list of Ayuvedic plants kannada name.

complete list not posted.
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