Botanist or non-botanist: From last few days, I have started feeling the sense of inferiority. I wonder what is the reason adn where this sense would lead me to? This is beyond a doubt that I have generated a keen liking of flora from last couple of years. And day by day it grows many folded. The more I read or study or observe, more I am getting attracted towards it.

But the story is not happy ending.
I am consulting people for my project (Matheran bio-diversity documentation) and seeking for their suggestions and advices on how the project can be better documented.
Sometimes, people from different wildlife background response to my emails and FB updates and show their interest in working with the team on the said project.
I have a team which includes people from the background and people from not-so-wildlife-related-background, which includes me. When I intercat with people on the subject, I am always questioned about my background. And when I honestly tell them there is change of attitude or perception in another persons mind, instantly.
That person might have entertained me or have had given me his/her precious time for conversation and that sense of interaction or dialogues goes missing in the second part of this real time story, when he or she realise that I am from not-wildlife-related-background.
Now, my question to the academics, here is, does it matter? Or is it necessary to interact only if you have M. Sc or Ph. D with your name?
I am not questioning my credentials or of anyone who is not from the background. But his or her (the person, studying wildlife; without background) interest or dedication or commitment has got no count, among the so called `elite educationalists`.

I can understand the agony through which the words have come here. But what you are talking is about personal attitude of the people with whom you are interacting. That too educated class. Don’t you know or have havnt you faced this attitude in any field you go? Why only wildlife?
Hence why waste time and energy in thinking about people who are of no use to you? Why convert your positive energy into negative energy and then spend some more to balance the depot of positive energy again?
Interact wildly. Those who have faith in you will come with you unconditional. They are jewels. Treasure them. Forget about the coal pieces left behind. They were not for you. Hunt for more jewels.

Thanks. Proceed. Success is waiting for you.

Botanist or non-botanist: Same thing happens to me Rajesh, as I dont have a PhD (botany) attached to my name.
People will suspect you to be a smuggler of rare species, or a commercial minded nurseryman…….things like that……Nevermind.
Keep up your good work and creative thoughts.

A saying in Kannada – Hallu iddavarige kadle illa, Kadle iddavarige hallu illa.
It means – A person with healthy teeth wont get groundnuts, A man with abundant supply of groundnuts wont have teeth to chew them 🙁 Sad but True.

Nevermind silly attitudes……lets get on with our lives and creative endeavours.
Wishing you all the best !

It takes time, you have to fight out this with calm. There are many established people in wildlife without any wildlife background. And people in this country and abroad respect them for their work.
One such name is Ulhas Karanth.
We know this well. well in early 80’S when i saw hispid hare in kanha the then time field director told me to be busy with your dal roti yaar why you are putting foot here in this subject which you never studied, Then we saw Leopard cat and tree shrew. so i had to convince the rangers by showing them these physically that these things exists here but authorities never accepted the fact.
So this is the trend in this country, Many Pro. people may try to divert your attention from this only because they may be thinking that they should have don that work.
Every day we hear the sad story of researchers in India where there guide either blackmail them or try to publish those papers in their name.
So not to worry and just do this work calmly. One day they may follow you.
Good luck.


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