Cheirostylis flabellata (A.Rich.) Wight, Icon. Pl. Ind. Orient. 5: 16 1851. (syn: Goodyera flabellata A.Rich.Monochilus flabellatus (A.Rich.) Wight);

Plant for ID – 06022012 Sirumalai – 3 – orchid: Please id this orchid
Location: Sirumali Forest, Dindigul
Date : 6th Feb 2012
Habitat : Semievergreen forest
Altitute : abt 500 metres

Today is Cheirostylis day…. Since morning I am illustrating our new Cheirostylis from Hong Kong and now I see this from India.
This looks like Cheirostylis flabellata (A.Rich.) Wight.
Thanks for sharing this lovely plant.

The altitude could be around 1500 metres … Beautiful.

Thanks for the id … I am thinking if this one should also in in Hong Kong and yes there it is, thanks for the info. Which is the species in HK.
…, I got the altitude (~500m) from Google earth for the co ordinates for that place. Even I was wondering why you have mentioned 1600m for Sirumalai. ?

Wow …, I mean is the species name you are planning to give ? hongkongensis ? or anything else ?

No flabellata is not here in Hong Kong.
The plant which I have been checking to me seems new, but Dr Stephan is skeptic as he thinks, its very strange that we already have three Cheirostylis endemic to Hong Kong which I am myself unable to digest!!! I was just checking some, one of them looks like what we have Cheirostylis seidenfadeniana in India.


For ID280423MRJ1: 4 images- 1 high res.
Place: Avalanche forest reserve, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

Date: 25.03.2023
Found beneath pine plantation
Could be Cheirostylis ..but would like to know the species.

Cheirostylis flabellata (A.Rich.) Wight !

Yes, appears close as per images at