Palms of Karnataka – Authentic Reference Book: This is an excellent field guide, authentic book on palms, native and exotic, well documented by the author an established taxonomist well versed not only on palms but also on general flora of the western ghats.
The book contains 42 genera of Palms in Karnataka (almost all India), with photos.
Copies can be bought from –
Dr K. Gopalakrishna Bhat.
Taxonomy Research Centre
Department of Botany
Poornaprajna College
Udupi, Karnataka.
Tel – 0820-2534723
Cost of the book is Rs 500/- plus postage charges.

Does it have many photos per palm species or just one photo?
Pradip Kishen book covers 13 palms with good photos.

It has one to three photos per Palm.

Thanks for the valuable info. I would like to have a copy of this book. Is the book available in Bangalore book shops or should I write to the author.

You need to write to the author for buying the book.