IUCN Red List Status: Endangered (EN)

subramanii A.N.Henry
J. Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc. 77(3): 492 (1980 publ.


Flora picture of the Year 2012- Giby Kuriakose:  Here is my picture for Flora Picture of the year 2012.  

Memecylon subramanii a narrow endemic species belonging to the family Melastomataceae.  
Photographed from Schentharuni Wildlife Sanctuary Kerala.
Actually the flowers are not sessile but mostly 1-3 flower/s at a time (you can see a flower bud behind the flower in my picture). Eventhough the FRI description says that the peduncle is as long as 6-12 cm, I have seen hardly any peduncle. What I saw was that each flower arises from a point in the stem (mostly older, leafless stem). While taking the pictures I preffered single flowered inflorescence for clarity.  
The leaves exactly looks like a Syzygium/Eugenia but the general appearance looks like a Memecylon and before I saw the flowers I wrote the name as Memecylon syzygioides!
Please have a look at the following link to get an idea about the leaves of the plant
This is an Endemic Endangered plant seen in the understorey of Agasthyamalai forests.



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