‘Oldest living thing on earth’ discovered: Oldest living thing on earth is obviously a plant but I was expecting some huge tree but check out what it is.

Thanks for sharing the info. I do not agree that the oldest living thing could be a sea grass. It defies evolutionary principles.

Let us put it this way: longest living individual (having longest life span)

Earlier for many years Pinus aristata (bristle cone pine) had this title surviving for nearly 5000 years
Recently however this credit went to creosote bush Larrea tridentata, having life span of nearly 11000 years, the bush starts expanding by vegetative multiplication, and as the central older portion dies, the bush expands in the form of increasing ring, the central portion becoming empty due to death of older branches. It is however, a debating question whether clones are to considered as continuation of same life span or not. Same may be true of this sea weed.