21022013 BRS 458:
Pl. find the attached file contain photo for id. confirmation.
Location: Chennai, Adayar Creek
Date: 21.02.2013
Habitat: Creek (an inlet of the sea)
Habit: grass like?

a horse tail?

Could this be Ceratophyllum demersum ?

To me it is!

Thanks …


fresh water species… Ceratophyllum??: (Mixed thread): 1 high res. image.
Saw these plants few years back on 14 July 2019 near Bhimashankar, Pune in the small puddles on our trail. Is it Ceratophyllum sp.?

Are these not two different plants?

Photo for id sent is Ceratophyllum demersum….

But the plant present in the habitat is not prominent for identification.

First plant is possibly Podostemon, aquatic under-water holotype, which is common here in Pune, Genus possibly decannenesis, the photographs on internet are emmersed variety so will look very different, this a unique feature of Podostemon. Another unlikely possibility is Limnophila, early submerged growth..

the second is another common aquatic plant, I posted here specimens from Lonavala.. no idea species so I am growing this hoping it bears flower. Possibly aquatic plants  Glossostigma or Callitriche.

I can say definitely not Ceratophyllum.

sorry not Podostemon, Pogostemon, Podostemon would be discovery of century as they are all but extinct from India .. Pogo meaning beard like leaves… my autocorrect… as I was discussing Podostemon with a botanist on Facebook