Impatiens grandis B. Heyne ex Wall., W. Roxburgh, Fl. ind. 2:465. 1824 (Syn: (=) Impatiens hookeriana Arn.);
Images by Vijayasankar Raman 



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Impatiens grandis, from the Western Ghats of Tirunelveli, TN.

Very beautiful, at what altitude is this plant common in Tirunelveli hills?

I know the species only from pictures, but there were always red markings on petals.
Did you seen other plants?

@ …: we collected this species somewhere near Kakkachi on the way to Upper Kodayar Dam, must be around 1300 m altitude.
@ …: yes, the petals had very faint red markings. 

Thanks for this rare upload bro! Wonder why the name I. grandis. Are the flowers too big?


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