Petunia axillaris (Lam.) Britton, Stern & Poggenb., Prelim. Cat. 38 38 1888. (syn: Nicotiana axillaris Lam.; Petunia nyctaginiflora Jussieu; Petunia parodii Steere;                                            (=) Petunia axillaris subsp. parodii (Steere) Cabrera);


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According to FoC, Petunia hybrida Vilm. has leaves with acute apices.

This one maybe Petunia axillaris (Lam.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. !

Very beautiful flowers …, like to see the flowers in hanging pots.

Since there is ample space in any rural or mofussil household it will be difficult to find any hanging ornamental here. I have seen hanging pots in urban area only.
Certainly will upload if i find any.

This is also hybrid, for Petunia axillaris (Lam.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. flowers have longer-narrower tube


SK 2909 26 May 2021: 5 very high res. images.
Location: Kathmandu, Central Nepal
Altitude: 1400 m.
Date : 26 May 2021
Habitat : Cultivated
Petunia axillaris (Lam.) Britton ??

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