Impatiens aliciae C.E.C.Fisch., Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1934: 389 1934. ;

Images by E.S. Santhosh Kumar



Annual herb, 20-35 cm high, often procumbent; stems branched; internodes 5-7 cm long. Leaves opposite, subsessile, linear-lanceolate, narrow at base, serrate at margin, apiculate at apex, 2-10 x 0.3-0.9 cm, glabrous or minutely papillose-hispidulous above, glabrous and glaucous beneath, with 1-3 glandular teeth at lower margin. Flowers axillary, solitary or 2-nate, pink or white with purple streaks; pedicels capillary, 1.5-2 cm long, deflexed in fruit. Lateral sepals linear, ca 4 mm long. Lip cymbiform, ca 7 mm long; spur subsaccate, ca 3 mm long. Standard obovate, keeled, acute, 4-5 mm long. Wings 10-11 mm long, 2-lobed; basal lobe falcate; distal lobe obovate, larger; dorsal auricle filiform, 5-6 mm long, descending into spur. Capsules ellipsoid, acuminate, 10-11 mm long; seeds 10-20, subglobose, shining, black.     
Flowering and fruiting: July-September
Grassy slopes     
Southern Western Ghats


Impatiens aliciae C.E.C. Fischer, Alice Balsam from Kerala.
This is named after Mrs Alice, wife of Dr Barnes, (Professor of Chemistry, Christian college) friends of Mr C E C Fischer of Late Indian Forest Service.


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