Dalbergia assamica Benth., Pl. Jungh. 256. 1852. (syn: Amerimnon assamicum (Benth.) Kuntze; Dalbergia bhutanica Thoth.; Dalbergia lanceolaria auct. non L.f.; Dalbergia lanceolaria var. assamica (Benth.) Thoth.; Dalbergia szemaoensis Prain;                                  Dalbergia balansae Prain);


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Attaching an image of Dalbergia assamica. This tree is used extensively as shade tree in the tea-gardens.

Very beautiful. A new addition to Dalbergia species.


MS, April, 2023/29 Dalbergia sp.(assamica?) for id:
Location : Aizawl, Mizoram

Altitude : ca.1,000 m. (-1,500 m)
Date : 20-07-2018
Habit : Medium-sized deciduous tree
Habitat : Wild

It may be Dalbergia lanceolaria var. paniculata (Roxb.) Thoth.

More images required

Any keys, …, from your area?

Any other images?
I am not convinced about either Dalbergia lanceolaria subsp. paniculata (as per images herein) or Dalbergia assamica as per

How many leaflets are there in your tree?

Going through these species, Dalbergia assamica seems to be the only option.

More detailed images may help.

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