Ischaemum rugosum Salisb., Icon. Stirp. Rar. 1: t. 1 1791. (syn: Andropogon arnottianus Steud.; Andropogon griffithsiae Steud.; Andropogon monostachyus Steud. [Illegitimate]; Andropogon rugosus Steud.; Andropogon segetus (Trin.) Steud.; Andropogon tong-dong Steud.; Apluda rugosa Russell ex Wall.; Colladoa distachya Cav.; Ischaemum colladoa Spreng. ; Ischaemum royleanum Miq.; Ischaemum rugosum Gaertn. …; Ischaemum segetum Trin.; Ischaemum tashiroi Honda; Meoschium arnottianum Nees; Meoschium griffithii Nees & Arn.; Meoschium griffithsiae Nees ex Steud.; Meoschium royleanum Nees ex Steud. [Invalid]; Meoschium rugosum (Salisb.) Nees; Meoschium rugosum Wall.; Meoschium wightii Nees [Invalid]; Rottboellia glabrata Benth. ex Hemsl. [Invalid]; Tripsacum distachyum (Cav.) Poir.; Tripsacum distichum Raspail [Illegitimate]);



Poaceae, Cyperaceae and Juncaceae Week: Poaceae- Ischaemum dalzellii from PTR (nsd-9) : 5 images. 4 posts by 3 authors.

Ischaemum dalzellii Stapf ex Bor. A small annual grass from Pench tiger Reserve Seoni. Pl validate id

This is Ischaemum rugosum




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