Eragrostis minor Host, Fl. Austriaca 1: 135 1827. (Syn: Eragrostis beguinotii Belosersky; Eragrostis borysthenica (Schmalh.) Klokov; Eragrostis brizoides Costa [Illegitimate]; Eragrostis cilianensis subsp. pooides (P.Beauv.) Husn.; Eragrostis eragrostis (L.) H. Karst.; Eragrostis eragrostis (L.) P. Beauv.; Eragrostis megastachya var. nana Trab. [Invalid]; Eragrostis minor f. arenosa A.F.Schwarz ………..; Eragrostis multiflora var. pappiana Chiov. .; Eragrostis pappiana (Chiov.) Chiov.; Eragrostis pilosa var. minor (Host) Kuntze .; Eragrostis poaeoides P. Beauv. .; Eragrostis poiformis Link [Illegitimate]; Eragrostis poioides P.Beauv. ex Roem. & Schult. [Spelling variant]; Eragrostis pooides P.Beauv. [Illegitimate] …..; Eragrostis suaveolens A.K.Becker ex Claus ..; Eragrostis vulgaris Coss. & Germ. [Invalid] …..; Eragrostis willdenoviana Nees ex Hook. & Arn.; Poa canariensis Willd. ex Spreng. [Invalid]; Poa eragrostis L.; Poa poaeiodes P. Beauv.);

Loosely tufted annual; culms 6-60 cm high, ascending. Leaf-blades flat, up to 12 cm long and 5 mm wide, mostly glabrous and usually with a row of warty glands along the margin.

Panicle ovate, 4-20 cm long, fairly dense to open, stiffly branched with short pedicels (lateral pedicels 1-3 mm), usually with glands on pedicels and branchlets.
Spikelets 6-16(40)-flowered, narrowly oblong or almost linear, 3-9(15) mm long, 1.3-2 mm wide, yellowish green, leaden grey or purplish, breaking up from the base; glumes subequal, ovate, boat-shaped, 1-1.7 mm long, 1-3-nerved, often glandular on the keel, acute; lemmas broadly ovate to sub rotund, 1.5-2 mm long, chartaceous, often glandular on the keel, the lateral nerves distinct, obtuse; palea ± scabrid on the keels, persistent; anthers 3, 0.3 mm long. Caryopsis broadly oblong, 0.7-0.8 mm long, dark brown.
Flowering and fruiting: May-September
Warm temperate and Subtropical regions of Paleotropics, occasionally found as an introduction in the New World

Another Ergagrostis sp. from Delhi for Id growing in wastelands and cultivated beds.

Eragrostis poaeoides (E.minor)


Uploading Eragrostis sp. from Delhi, for ID, growing in cultivated fields and wastelands.

Eragrostis poaeoides (E.minor)


Need help with grass with white flowers
3 high resolution images.

Satpuras; 1/1/2021

First one is Eragrostis, remaining one is could be Panicum,

Eragrostis poaeoides (E.minor)

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