New book about Taiwanese pteridophytes has relevance for Indian fern scientists :  

In an article in the Indian Fern Journal Vol. 29 (Knapp, R. 2012. Affinities of Indian and Taiwanese pteridofloras. Indian Fern J. 29: 202-237) I demonstrated that there is a considerable overlapping of fern floras for Taiwan and India: a 47% of Taiwan’s 747 pteridophyte taxa can be found in the Indian subcontinent with its ca. 1100 taxa.

Hence, I would like to point your attention to my recent publication which is a continuation of my book “Ferns and Fern Allies of Taiwan” which was published in 2011:

Ferns and Fern allies of Taiwan – Supplement (2013)

(a) Basic information:

(b) Distributor:

An updated index to all taxa recognized by me for Taiwan is available here:

In addition, for almost all above taxa I have uploaded images to my Picasa web albums:

I hope that above information finds your interest.


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