Memecylon talbotianum Brandis;
muh-MEHS-uh-lawn — adopted from the Greek name of Arbutus fruit … Encyclopaedia Londinensis
tal-bot-ee-AY-num — named for W A Talbot, author of Forest Flora of the Bombay Presidency
commonly known as: Talbot’s memecylon • Kannada: belivaratha, chappalu • Kunbi: ಅಂಜನಿ anjani • Marathi: कंचन kanchan • Tamil: கல்காசான் kalkaasan, கஞ்சன் kanchan
Endemic to: Western Ghats (of India)

Habit- Trees ca. 8 m tall.

Trunk & Bark- Bark grey, finely minutely fissured.
Branches and Branchlets- Branchlets subterete, glabrous.
Leaves- Leaves simple, opposite, decussate; petiole 0.5-1 cm long, planoconvex in cross section, glabrous; lamina 5-10 x 1.8-5 cm, elliptic, elliptic-lanceolate, apex narrowly acuminate, base acute to attenuate, margin entire, thinly coriaceous, drying olive green or yellowish and rugose; midrib slightly canaliculate above; secondary nerves obscure; tertiary nerves obscure.
Inflorescence / Flower- Flowers blue, in axillary or lateral fascicles on short peduncle.
Fruit and Seed- Berry to 0.8 cm across, turning yellow when ripe; seeds 1. 
Common understorey trees in wet evergreen forests, generally up to 1000 m. 
Endemic to the Western Ghats- mostly in Central Sahyadri and south Maharashtra Sahyadri.

ANDEC80 Please confirm: Memecylon talbotianum? : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (11)

Hebri, Karnataka
27th December 2014

I think it is M.talbotianum

Hebri :: Memecylon talbotianum :: DVJAN32 : 3 posts by 2 authors. 3 images.
Sita Nadi Nature Camp (part of Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary) … Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka
Date: 27 DEC 2014 Altitude: about 80 m asl
Memecylon talbotianum Brandis (family: Melastomataceae)

Had just heard about it. Good to see through your lens eyes.

Anshi Ghat :: Memecylon talbotianum :: DVFEB20/53 : 1 post by 1 author. 4 images.
Anshi Ghat Karnataka
Date: 25 MAY 2013 … Altitude: 340 – 380 m asl
Memecylon talbotianum D.Brandis (family: Melastomataceae, Melastomaceae) 


QUERY :: Names of Memecylon talbotianum :  5 posts by 3 authors.

Please validate the following names of Memecylon talbotianum Brandis. and provide them in their native scripts.
Kannada: belivaratha, chappalu
Tamil: kalkaasan
If there is / are any name(s) in Malayalam, please help.

here is the Tamil script for the name ‘kalkaasan’ கல்காசான்

A response I got at facebook from …:
ചെറുമരക്കാശാവ് cherumarakaasaav OR ചെറുകാശാവ് cherukaasaav
Good names.

Both these names are coined or built upon name of Memecylon umbellatum, which is ക്കാശാവ് kaasaav.
ചെറു (cheru) = small, little
മര (mara) = tree
ക്കാശാവ് (kaasaav) = name for M. umbellatum
Will yet wait for any other known name for M. talbotianum.

Memicylom talboltianum Lam : Attachments (1). 4 posts by 2 authors.


Location- Place, Altitude, GPS-100m, way to abbey falls, Medikere, Karnataka

Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type; Wild

Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- : shrub / small tree


Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size-thick, elliptic

Inflorescence Type/ Size; not in flowering

Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts-

Fruits Type/ Shape/ Size Seeds-

Other Information like Fragrance, Pollinator, Uses etc.: not known.

Thanks, …, I could not find any match for Memicylom talboltianum or Memecylon talboltianum on google search.

Could you pl. give the correct spellings.
Is it Memecylon talbotianum Brandis as per Biotik ?

Memecylon talbotianum Brandis is published  Indian trees by Brandis 336. 1906 and Flora of Coorg Karnataka  by Keshavamoorthy & Yoganarsimhan 1990, Flora Hassan by Nickolson and Saldana 1978

Thanks a lot, …


Memecylon umbellatum Burm.f SN Aug 60 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2).
Memecylon umbellatum Burm.f –
wild shrub in fruiting near Hebri, Udupi district Karnataka

To me looks like Memecylon talbotianum Brandis as per images herein.
Pl. validate.


Memeycelon Talbotianum is it? – efloraofindia | Google Groups : 12 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (6)
Memeycelon  sp.  evergreen tree seen scantily flowering at some places and profusely fruiting at some places at Kulgi, Anashi WLS, Karnataka, last week of April, ’10. The berries are green and than turning yellow indicative of Memycelon talbotianum. Kindly validate.

Excellent photos. I have seen this tree with flower in Matheran.

Would you please give more details such whether the leaves are petioled or sessile (not clear from the picture, out of focus, please take a picture of a single branch held parallel to your lens).  Please tell whether the flower/inflorescence is pedicellate or not (The flower picture is out of focus details are not available). Please give other details in the format we follow in this forum. I need basically the approximate size of the plant and leaves.
I too have a guess that this is M.talbotianum. But to validate we should get a more clear picture and details.

Unfortunately this is all the pics I have, I posted it only due to the yellow berries. The petiole was very short perhaps 1cm, flowers almost sessile. Both are small trees. This tree can be easily mistaken for M. umbellatum but for the yellow berries. If I am not mistaken only M. talbotianum has berry globose yellow.

M.umbellatum also do have yellow berries. This plant, as you said can be confused between M. umbellatum and M.talbottianum. M.talbottianum grows under thick evergreen canopy even well stratified thick forest. But M.umbellatum never grow in such condition. And M.talbotianum generally doesn’t grow in open conditions (some ecological notes from personal experience). But, here, if you are sure about the flowers were sessile this can be most probably M. talbotianum. Am still bit confused about the leaf shape. Better we don’t confirm it unless we get a picture of leafy branch in which you can zoom in single leaf and see the petiole and nerves and a lateral shot of inflorescence when you see the plant in bloom. Do make sure that you are not missing out characters and not just pictures of flower, leaf etc. You may please refer some pictorial guide such as Flowers of Sahyadri and Some Flowering Plants of the Western Ghats. May be … would be able to give us some tips on the same. 

… as per Dr. Almeida’s flora M. umbellatum has Berry globose, 6 mm, purplish black.

That is true in the case of ripened fruits, whereas unripened mature fruits of both the species are yellow then both turned to purplish black and while crushing you can see the dark purple or violet juice. People mention the color what they see at the time of collections. So my humble request is don’t depend upon colors.

Ok, Thanks …, we leave this Unided.

M. talboltianum.

Though the image of the flowers is not that clear, from the remaining photographs it appears to me to be Memecylon talbotianum. Thank you Sir for the mail….


Kindly examine and identify this Tree. 

Habit: Tree,Medium sized 

Habitat: Wild,Evergreen forest 

Sighting: Near Chikmagalur,Karnataka,about 1000 msl 

Date: 17-11-2015


 Image by tspkumar…….Leaf Gall


I think it is some kind of leaf gall. Let us wait for others’ comments.

Memecylon talbotianum – leaf galls


298 ID wild plant Memecylon:
Please ID wild plant,
Location: near Reserve Forest, Chathamattom, Ernakulam District, (Kochi) Kerala PIN:686671
Altitude: 1400fsl
Flower date: 28.03.2022, 02.15pm
Habitat: wild moisture
Plant habit: small tree, erect, branches, hard stem 07 inches base circumference, long lasting
Height: 04 meters
Leaves: alternate, bipinnate, leaflets opposite, ovate, apex, glossy, size up to: 08×5 cm
Flower: axillary racemose, clustered, 04 petals, diameter: 03 mm, blue, good fragrance
Fruit: drupe globular green into yellow, black when ripen, diameter: 12 mm, edible sweet
Seed: black single, globular, diameter: 05 mm
Camera: CANON EOS1500D +rr

Memecylon sahyadrica Sivu et al.

Memecylon talboltianum Brandis

All images belong to the same plant.

Yellow fruit_ Memecylon talboltianum Brandis. other one – Memecylon sahyadrica Sivu et al.

Thank you very much for ID my plant. The yellow fruits and black fruit are of same plant, please check the image provided.  Yellow is tender, and black is matured ripen fruit.  I would become wondering the yellow colour is lasting for 2 months and then slowly black, and edible when becomes black only. Good population here,

Leaf with green petiole, light green- yellow- black. Is the character of M.talboltianum.


ID KKD 02/31/07/23: 2 images.
Please identify this small tree from Kozhikode, Kerala.
Looks like Memecylon sp. 31/7/23

memecylon sps…

Symplocos ??

M. talboltianum


Melastomataceae: Memecylon umbellatum Burm.f.: 1 high res. image.
synonyms: Memecylon ramiflorum Desr., Memecylon molestum (C.B.Clarke) Cogn.
location/date: Thirthahalli, Shimoga Distr., Karnataka, July 1997



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