Cyperus squarrosus L., Cent. Pl. II 6 1756. (Syn: Chlorocyperus inflexus (Muhl.) Palla; Cyperus aristatus Rottb. [Illegitimate] ……………….; Cyperus aureus J.Presl & C.Presl [Illegitimate]; Cyperus brownii Roem. & Schult.; Cyperus falciculosus Liebm.; Cyperus inflexus Muhl. ..; Cyperus purshii Roem. & Schult.; Cyperus pygmaeus Nutt. [Illegitimate]; Cyperus squarrosus var. congestus Benth. ..; Cyperus uncinatus R.Br. [Illegitimate]; Cyperus versicolor Nees; Dichostylis aristata (Rottb.) Palla; Dichostylis squarrosa (L.) Palla; Isolepis echinulata Kunth; Mariscus aristatus (Rottb.) Cherm. [Illegitimate]; Mariscus aristatus (Rottb.) T. Tang & F.T. Wang; Mariscus intricatus (L.) Cufod.; Mariscus squarrosus (L.) C.B.Clarke; Pycreus squarrosus (L.) Nees; Scirpus intricatus L.; Scirpus lappaceus Lam.;                  (=) Cyperus aristatus auct.; (=) Mariscus aristatus auct.);
Flora of Eastern Karnataka, Volume 2  By N. P. Singh (1988- KeysMariscus squarrosus (syn. of Cyperus squarrosus L.), Mariscus dubius (syn. of Cyperus dubius Rottb.), Mariscus bulbosus (syn. of Cyperus clarkei T.Cooke), Mariscus paniceus (syn. of Cyperus paniceus (Rottb.) Boeckeler), Mariscus sumatrensis (syn. of Cyperus cyperoides subsp. cyperoides ))

Cyperus squarrosus is distributed in the pantropics to warm temperate areas. In India it occurs in Andaman and Nicobar, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Maghalaya (Khasia), Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal (Simla) (Cook 1996, Singh et al. 2001, Sharma et al. 1996, Henry et al.1987).
It grows in seasonally flooded areas, edges of tanks, pools, streams, ditches and in rice fields and also grown sandy places (Cook 1996, Henry et al. 1987).
From IUCN Red List (LC)

Cyperus squarrosus is a species of sedge known by several common names, including bearded flatsedge and awned flatsedge.
It is found in wet environments nearly worldwide.
It is a small sedge, reaching a maximum height between 10 and 16 centimeters. There are one to three short, thin leaves around the base of the plant. The inflorescence is a single spherical or bunched spike of up to 30 spikelets. Each spikelet is flat and has excurved awns, meaning the tip of each of the two to eight flowers on the spikelet curls outward. The spikelets are bright green to yellowish or brown. The curved awn tips and the small size of this sedge are good identifying characteristics.
(From Wikipedia on 4.5.13)

Poaceae, Cyperaceae and Juncaceae Week :: Cyperaceae: Cyperus for id from Chakrata- NS 48 : 1 image.
This single shot was taken from Chakrata area.. wanted to share because this looks interesting to me.. do not know if this picture is enough to id…

It looks like cyperus squarrosus



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Family: Cyperaceae
Date: 5th July 2016
Place: Ramadevarabetta, Ramanagara, Karnataka

Habit: Herb
Habitat: Grasslands in scrub forest

Can this be a Mariscus sp.?

May be Mariscus squarrosus

It looks like Cyperus squarrosus L.



The illustration in the pdf file is a bit different, also in FoC, perhaps maturity stage.

The following site supports though –
Only an inch high, in front of our school.
Incessant rain since yesterday gives poor photographs; recorded today, holding an umbrella over my head!!!

efi page on Cyperus squarrosus

I need a specimen to confirm the identity. Is it from southern India?

Thanks, …  It is from Hoogly, West Bengal.

Yes, Sir, I think it is Cyperus squarrosus L., as in –
KEW : plantsoftheworldonline and gobotany.nativeplanttrust
And I see a lot of mails pending that I have to catch up with!

Can be Cyperus squarrosus L., but specimen need to be checked.


Cyperus squarrosus L.. SN Oct 39 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (3).
Cyperus squarrosus L.,(=Mariscus squarrosus (L.) C.B.Clarke)
small sedge near moist areas at an altitude of 1000m, Krishnagiri dt, Tamilnadu