Does anyone know of any books on identifying Indian trees?
I was interested in making a mobile app to identify Indian trees. I have seen this app
( developed by BIOTIK to identify trees of the Western Ghats and wanted to make something similar, but easier for mobiles.

I found leaves are a major key in identifying trees. I will have to build a database of trees indexed according to the kind of leaves that they have and a few other characteristics.
Could anyone please point me to some material I could use for that?

I wish … makes Indian Trees by D. Brandis as basic work and then make use of Gamble, Talbot, Osmaston etc.

I have over 400 slides of trees which are to be digitised. Indeed I had this idea of revising Brandis a few yrs before 1994 as wonderful pocket books on American trees came in 70s.
I lectured in all Indian Universities on various topics and had as many as 4000 color slides covering India
Only with teamwork we can make apps for Tablet pcs and a hundred enthusistic naturlists are needed to make use of software tools like ASANA where I already created a title -INDIAN FLORA so that naturalists like you can have documents like Indian Trees.
For any work one must visit National Herbarium at Howrah. I met a dozen young taxonomists there only a fortnight ago. I can help all in guiding them though I am at Hitech City in Cyberabad. wiyh best wishes ton …