Common name: Shrubby Ajania


Images by Prashant Awale (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more photos & complete details, click on the links)



Asteraceae Week (Part I – Radiate heads) :: Ajania fruticulosa at ladakh :: PKA18::: : Attachments (7). 2 posts by 2 authors.

This Tanacetum sp. was seen on the way to Tsokar Lake, Ladakh.
Bot. name: Tanacetum fruticulosum
Family: Asteraceae
Habitat: typical species for the dry semideserts and steppes.

Thanks … I was expecting these from Ladakh.

Ajania fruticulosa : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)

Sharing some pictures of A. fruticulosa shot at the Magnetic Hill, Leh on 20 August 2014 at 14000 ft.

Any leaves, …?

Enclosing some pictures. Attachments (2)



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