Common name: Oblong-Petal Dogwood

Shrub for id from Solan- 2010 : Attachments (8).  3 posts by 2 authors.
These shots (though not much clear) were recorded from Solan-Shimla road, this was a small tree or a shrub, with creamy white flowers.. perhaps a Rubiaceae member.. please provide id hints..

Another set of excellent photographs.
I think these images are of Swida oblonga (Wallich) Sojak (= Cornus oblonga Wallich), a small tree having very sporadic occurrence on this route. I have seen some plants of this species along national highway near the boundary of Solan and Shimla districts.

Many thanks again …, this is a great help…
My mind was revolving near Ixora.. but the corolla tube?.. I was not having any clues.. happy to find conclusion…

ANNOV33 Please identify this tree : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (7).

Trekking route to Mussoorie
1st November 2014

Cornus oblonga..

thanks for identifying features’ fotos


Viburnum cylindricum ??? from near Shimla ATJAN2015/07 : 5 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2)

Is it Viburnum cylindricum ???
Place: Shimla, Solan (H.P.)
23 Sept., 2013

I think appears to match with images at Viburnum cylindricum  

To me it does not resemble with V.cylindricum in which corolla lobes are five, very small and erect. In this plant corolla lobes appear 4, large and spreading. The generic ID may also be rechecked. I am not sure for Viburnum.

I hope this can be Cornus oblonga…. Please see this

Thank you …  I hope this to be Cornus oblonga as suggested by you.

SK1660 20 Dec 2018 : 12 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)- 1 mb or more.
Location : Chandragiri Hills, Kathmandu, Nepal
Elevation : 2380 m.
Date : 11 December 2018
Habit : Wild


I guess the flowering pattern and the seasonality is not matching according to the records.


Four petals and two stamens suggest some Oleaceae member.
Oleaceae in eFI.

I could not find a match as per comparative images at Oleaceae in eFI 

Cornus oblonga ???? 

Thank you …
Cornus oblonga Wall.
Syn : Swida oblonga (Wall.) Soják
Nepali Names : लाटो काठ Laato Kaath / छेपासी Chhepaasee/ दारु काठ Daaru Kaath/ तिते Tite

Cornus oblonga Wall. : 11 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)- 1, 2, & 3 mb.
Location: Ranikot, Gundu, Bhakltapur 
Date: 15 September 2019
Elevation: 1982  m.
Habit : Wild
Syn : Swida oblonga (Wall.) Soják
Nepali Names : लाटो काठ Laato Kaath/ काली काठ  Kaali Kaath

Attachments (1)- 5 mb.

Attachments (1)- 5 mb.

Attachments (1)- 5 mb.

nice. why the nepali name includes Kaath. does its wood find some uses?

Kath means wood !

I know that. what I asked was- does this have some useful wood
is it used for utensils, furniture etc?

The bark contains essential oils and tannins and is used in folk remedies to treat arthritis and injuries and besides this the tree is lopped for fodder. No specific use for furniture since stem is not so thick.

Cornus oblonga Wall. : 3 posts by 1 author. Attachments (3) – 1, 2 & 2 mb.
Location: Matatirtha, Kathmandu
Date: 19 October  2019
Elevation: 1662 m.
Habit : Wild

Attachments (2) – 1 & 2 mb.

Attachments (1)- 6 mb.

Cornus oblonga Wall. : 7 posts by 1 author. 7 images- 4 to 7 mb each.
Location: Latha Bhanjyang
Date: 8 January 2020
Elevation: 2056m.
Habitat: Wild
Syn : Swida oblonga (Wall.) Soják
Surprisingly the plant was about only 1 m. tall and flowering !


Request for Id of a plant/tree: 1 image.
request for Id of the plant as in the photo. photographed at Nainital in Nov, 2022.

Go with Myrtaceae member of Heteropyxis

I could not find any listing of this genus in India in BSI Flora of India Checklist

Cornus oblonga Wall.

Cornus oblonga Wall. (Cornaceae)

Yes, appears clsoe to images at

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