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A plant seen at the Flower Show in Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai on 25/2/12.

Potted, cultivated, ornamental plant.

Haworthia Sp.

check for aloe zebrina

Yes, this does resemble Aloe zebrina, common name Zebra Leaf Aloe.

This is probably a hybrid Aloe …,

They are so hard to put a name to in most cases. It looks a bit like harlana, some like hemmingii, but I’m betting a hybrid.

I agree with …, it looks like a hybrid to me too. Very nice looking Aloe though. I love the small clumping Aloes.

I think this is an Aloe sp. could be nobilis but not sure.

Thanks for suggesting ‘Aloe’.

… had suggested Aloe zebrina.
It does match with my pictures.
Kindly confirm.

Yes your plant looks like Aloe zebrina.



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