Meliosma pinnata subsp. barbulata (Cufod.) Beusekom ex Welzen (syn: Meliosma pinnata subsp. barbulata (Cufod.) Beus.; Meliosma pinnata var. barbulata (Cufod.) Welzen; Meliosma rhoifolia var. barbulata (Cufod.) Y. W. Law; Meliosma rhoifolia subsp. barbulata Cufod.) as per Catalogue of life

China (Fujian, N-Guangdong, NE-Guangxi, E-Guizhou, Hunan, E-Jiangxi,
SW-Zhejiang), Thailand, Laos, India (West Bengal, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur,
Mizoram, Meghalaya, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala), Sikkim, Myanmar [Burma]
as per Catalogue of life
Common name: Indian Compound-Leaf Meliosma • Kannada: Huli Makay, Hulimukki • Malayalam: Kalavi, Kalyavi, Thakiri • Tamil: Thagari, Hulimakai, Kusavi

Vernacular names : Tamil: Kusavi, Thagari,
Hulimakai Malayalam: Kalavi,
Kalyavi Kannada: Huli makay, Hulimukki

Habit– Trees up to 18 m tall.
Trunk\barkBark brownish, lenticellate; blaze pink with orange speckles.
BranchletsYoung branchlets stout, angular to subterete, lenticellate, rusty tomentose.
LeavesLeaves compound, imparipinnate, alternate, spiral; rachis terete, rusty tomentose, pulvinate; petiolule 0.2- 1.5 cm long, rusty tomentose; leaflets 3-7 pairs with one terminal leaflet, subopposite or opposite, 6.5-15 x 2.5-5 cm, lanceolate to ovate-oblong, apex gradually acuminate, base asymmetric and acute or rounded, margin entire, sometimes remotely dentate, thinly coriaceous, tomentose on nerves beneath; midrib canaliculate above; secondary nerves ascending; tertiary nerves coarsely reticulate.
FlowersInflorescence terminal and axillary panicles, tomentose; flowers greenish, sessile.
Fruit& seedDrupe, globose, 0.5 cm across; seed one, smooth. 
Trees in medium and high elevation evergreen forests between 800 and 1800 m.    
Indomalaysia and China; in the Western Ghats- South Sahyadri and Central Sahyadri (Palakkad, Nilgiri and Bababudangiri hills).  
Please help me to identify this tree planted along the road in NIlgiris. I took this picture from a distance. Is this any Spondias sp.?
Date: 20 June 2013
Place: Kotagiri – kodanad road, Nilgiris, TN
Alt.: 1900 m asl

This is Meliosma pinnata

It is Meliosma pinnata

Thanks, …, Should we take it as Meliosma pinnata (Roxb.) Walp. ssp. barbulata (Cufod.) Beus. as per Biotik ?

I think Meliosma pinnata is fine



MS Jan./2016/01 for tree for ID : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
Habit : large & tall, straight, tree
Wood :  soft, not used.
Habitat : Wild
Location : Thingsai, Mizoram
Altitude : ca. 1,350 m.
Date : 12/01/2016


To me it seems to be Ailanthus grandis (BORPAT in Assam and DIANGCHAO in Khasi).

Fruits are not same. Fruit of A. grandis is winged (samara). ?

No more comments.

Perhaps Meliosma? Doesn’t look Araliaceae to me.

Meliosma species so far in efi 

Has it been identified ?
May I request you to pl. post high resolution of 1st and 2nd image. 
What are the species of Meliosma listed in your area ?



1. Meliosma henryi ssp. mannii.

2. Meliosma pinnata ssp. barbulata, and M.pinnata ssp. pinnata are found in Mizoram. 
        Not yet identify this tree sir. 
Attachments (2) – 6 mb each.

I think it should be Meliosma pinnata (Roxb.) Maxim. subsp. barbulata (Cufod.) Beusekom, M. D. Dassanayake & F. R. Fosberg as per details and references herein and as per keys in Flora of China.



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