Coprinopsis picacea (Bull.) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo (Syn: Agaricus picaceus Bull.; Coprinus picaceus (Bull.) Gray);

Coprinopsis picacea is a species of fungus in the Psathyrellaceae. It is commonly called Magpie Fungus. It is native to Britain. It was first described in 1785 by French mycologist Jean Baptiste François Pierre Bulliard in 1785 as Agaricus picaceus.[1]  This poisonous species can sometimes be confused with the edible Coprinus comatus.

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this morning while bird-watching at Okhla Bird Park (Delhi), I found these mushrooms growing only on this bed of woodchips. Would very much appreciate help with ID.

… many thanks for sharing, … it looks so different; it is very interesting.

I think this is Coprinus picaceus. The pileus in species of Coprinus is deliquescent, so commonly they are known as ink caps.