Common name: Griffith’s Snowberry


Unid from Tawang: TQ-Tawang-08 : Attachments (3). 11 posts by 4 authors.

Unidentified shrub seen in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh (3000 m).
Leaves are toothed, dark green above, lighter below. Flowers are small, greenish white.
Could be wild or cultivated.
Please identify.

Enkianthus serrulatus? or any close sp.?

…, thanks for the lead. Enkianthus seems to be the right genus, however the flower-shape and the sepals of our plant don’t quite agree with the pics of Enkianthus serrulatus here:
I will try to look for other species.

On second thoughts, looking at sepals etc, it looks more like a Vaccinium species to me.
Comments are welcome!

I hope our group member … is following this thread. He is an expert on Ericaceae of W. Kameng area.

I have not internet access since 24th July, as I was at AHMEDNAGAR College for delivering an Invitation lead lecture on “Present Scenario of Eastern Himalayan Plants and our challenges for conservation”. I have come at Darjeeling just now. I was surprised to see my Gaultheria from Tawang? 

It is my favourite plant, I am conversant with this plant since 1999, when I was a research Fellow at CENTRAL NATIONAL HERBARIUM.
Botanical Name: Gaultheria griffithiana Wight (Ericaceae)
It is never Enkianthus spp. (Which I also revised in India)
I am sure for the above confirmation, as I revised Indian Gaultheria (Fascicle Of Ericaceae in India: now in St. Joseph Press, Trivandrum, very soon published under the Editorship of Dr. M. Sanjappa, former Director, BSI)
Please follow the paper published in PHYTOTAXA (1.79 impact factor) vol. 38: pp. 24-28. 2011 (S.Panda & J.L. Reveal).
Title: Lectotypification of three names in Gaultheria L. (Where G. griffithiana type specimen shown).

Pl. mail me the detailed locality of Tawang area incl. date & altitude and Collected author for further extended distribution purpose.

Thank you for the wonderful identification. I went through your interesting Phytotaxa paper. This plant was photographed by …., in the upper part of Tawang town, at altitude of about 3000 m, on 23 June 2013.


Plant identification please MB061222: 3 high res. images.
Location: West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh 
Date: 02 November 2022

Gaultheria griffithiana Wight

Yes, appears close to images at

Gaultheria griffithiana Wight