Role of efloraofindia in Scientific publications:
Efloraofindia is playing a pivotal role in discovery of many new species, in publication of new species, in bringing out new records, in bringing out new records/ species even before their publication, in better explaining scientific publications etc. Lot of experts are keeping an hawk eye on all the posts & publishing new species/ records etc. whenever they come across with or without our knowledge. Lot of species has already been published which initially could not be identified and were established/ published as new species with Expert help. Many new species were posted here, before they are published e.g. a few given below:
Posted in 2013 and published as a new species in 2019
Posted by 2011,13 & 15 & published as new species in 2020
Posted in 2012- published as a new species in 2019
Posted by Ritesh ji in 2013 and published as new species in 2015
Posted in 2016 and rediscovered in 2020- Didymocarpus parryorum
Posted in 2016 and rediscovered in 2020- Didymocarpus lineicapsa
Posted in 2013 and published as new species in 2015
A new variety- posted in 2018 and published in 2020
Posted in 2017 and published as new species in 2021
Posted in July’17 and rediscovered after 81 years in 2021- Didymocarpus hookeri
Posted in March’2011 and rediscovered in 2014 after 121 years- Zeuxine rolfiana (critically endangered)
Posted in 2010 & published as a new species in 2019
one more new species posted in efi

Other related:

Pl. see

Some of the aspects in this regard can be understood from the discussions in the following threads:
Only some of the links in this regard (after April’2013) are given below:
Sapria himalayana – a rare record
identification of Euphorbia requested– Probably it is a new intrduction
Oberonia species- Amboli, Maharastra – I am thinking this could be a new species.

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