Nemesia caerulea Hiern, Fl .Cap. 4(2): 191 1904. ?;

Nemesia caerulea is a blue- to purple- flowered herbaceous perennial member of the Plantaginaceae family.[1] The plant is native to the Cape Floristic Province of southwestern South Africa, where it grows at low elevations on fully exposed north-facing and northwest-facing slopes in association with other native grasses and herbs.[2] Its chromosome number is 2n=18.[3]

It produces many small flowers in shades of pink, blue and white (the Latin caerulea means “dark blue”).[4] The flowers are two-lipped, the upper lip with four lobes and the lower lip with two lobes. In cultivation the two lips are often different colours.[5]

In temperate regions it is usually grown as an annual.

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Attached are pictures of what I found on googling to be Nemesia caerulea captured in Chicago, USA in May 2013.
Could you please confirm the ID?



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