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Ceropegia evansii McCann, J. Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc. 45: 209 1945. ;
Common name: Evans Ceropegia • Marathi: इवान खरपुडी

Habit: Twiner
Notes: Low slopes. Endemic
Maharashtra: Pune, Ratnagiri



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Name – evan’s ceropegia
Botanical name – Ceropegia evansii
Family – Apocynaceae (Asclepiadaceae)
Status – Threatened ( extremely rare) 
Habit – Climber with Broad leaves and small flower yellow
Flowers About 3 cm in size.
Habitat – Hill slopes on shrubs at the altitude of 300 to 1000 Mtrs
Date – August 2013

Place – Satara district , Maharashtra

Excellent find or probably one of the best find of this season. Great effort. Thanks … for sharing this rare sp. of Ceropegia..

… great findings of Ceropegia species, …  Wonderful catches. Most of them are rare species.


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