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Anyone heard about a plant found in uttarkhand known as paashan bhedi (sanskrit name) meaning “rock breaker” or “through the rock”. 
Sorry, no photographs..  
Great if anyone can provide botanical name and a photo 🙂

There are many plants which are called Pashaan Bhedi, both in English and in Hindi.

Pashan – Stone
Bhedi – One that breaks
Also called Pathar Chur: Coleus aromaticus, Bergenia cilliata, Kalanchoe pinnata etc.
In English: Saxifraga literally means, ONE THAT BREAK ROCKS !!

Bergenia ciliata (Saxifragaceae) is commonly known as Pashan Bhed.

Not sure if the name suggests habit of the plant (anchoring in stones / rocks) … some of the plants bearing medicinal qualities of breaking the kidney stones do assume this kind of names: paashan bhedi, patthar phodi, and the like.

Pashana bedha is a one Ayurvedic crude drug used in various Ayurvedic formulations. Is exact botanical name is Aerva lanata (L.) Juss. ex Schultes of Family Amaranthaceae. This drug is having many substitutes and adulterants.

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Yes, there are many plants called by the name ‘Pashanabeda‘ (spelling varies) including Bergenia, Aerva, Coleus, Rotula etc.

As per literature, Bergenia ligulata is the North Indian Pashanabed and Rotula aquatica is the South Indian candidate for the drug!