Lindernia micrantha D. Don, Prodr. Fl. Nepal. 85 85 1825. (Syn: Lindernia angustifolia (Benth.) Wettst.; Vandellia angustifolia Benth.);

The species occurs from India and Sri Lanka east through Nepal to China, Korea and Japan, south through Indochina and the Malay Peninsula to Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. It is considered extinct in Bangladesh (Yamazaki 1990, Nguyen et al. 2005, Newman et al. 2007, Ahmed et al. 2009).
The species mainly grows along the margins of rivers and streams, in low-lying marshy habitats and in rice fields.
(From IUCN Red List (LC))

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This seems to be same flower/plant as in my earlier post, at –
But, Lindernia oppositifolia (L.) Mukherjee has blue flowers –
Place : Hooghly

Couldn’t find much info on plant description of Lindernia oppositifolia (L.) Mukerjee; though it seems to be very common as per IUCN !
One source informs (p87 of this linked doc) = flower is “white with pink centre. Locally abundant. On marshy ground within scrub jungles (K. M. Mathew)”. But, the same doc fails to provide any detail, hesitant too!
I wonder why eFI, with its 2000+ members, doesn’t have a third post on Lindernia oppositifolia (L.) Mukerjee !!!
Attaching screenshots of 1) Fl. Br. Ind. 2) F. I. 3) Botany of Bihar and Orissa.
  • distribution, flowers, bracts do not tally
  • maybe leaves and pedicels too –
  • even Dr, Haines didn’t see it in Bihar & Orissa

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here are the screenshots.

Feedback from another thread:
“I am not confirmed, but think close to Lindernia oppositifolia (L.) Mukherjee. I can confirm on 14th Aug. the day I will go to Central National Herbarium. Based on this live photo, I can consult and identify.”


In continuation and with reference to the post efi thread, this plant is Vandellia angustifolia Benth.
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Could this be Lindernia antipoda (L.) Alston ?
Habit & Habitat : small herb on pond steps, about 15 cm tall
Date : 3/6/12, 8.31 A.M.
Place : Nalikul (Hooghly)
Links visited :

I think it is not Lindernia antipoda (L.) Alston, may be any other species

Thank you once again …, i also noticed the differences in flowers.

I think this is Lindernia oppositifolia.

I am grateful to … for the ID of this plant.

I think close to Lindernia micrantha D. Don as per another post: Scrophulariaceae Fortnight: unknown : sk01