Murdannia nimmoniana (J. Graham) Bole & M. R. Almeida var. juncoides (Wight) Nandikar & Gurav comb. & stat. nov., Phytodiversity 2015: Vol. 2 (1): 56-112 (syn: Dichaespermum juncoides Wight; Murdannia juncoides (Wight) Rao and Kammathy);


Commelinaceae: Murdannia juncoides (Wt.) Rolla & Kammathy:  Herewith attaching one interesting Murdannia species.
Murdannia juncoides (Wt.) Rolla & Kammathy
Type: Courtallum, INDIA. 
Present picture taken from Wynad District on 17th August 2011
Endemic species, allied to Murdannia semiteres but differs in perennial habit with bulbous base and seed with flaky material on testa.



Revision of the genus Murdannia (Commelinaceae) in India Mayur D. Nandikar & Rajaram V. Gurav- Phytodiversity 2015: Vol. 2 (1): 56-112

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