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Ceropegia anjanerica Malpure, M.Y.Kamble & S.R.Yadav, Curr. Sci. 91: 1141 2006. ;

It differs from allied species in having flower up to 3.5 cm long, narrowly obovate, and flat (not linear and reflexed) corolla lobes forming an obovate (not attenuate) head.

Flowering period: August- September
Perennial erect herbs. Rootstock tuberous; tubers 2-5cm in diameter, depressed globose to discoide, roots fibrous. Stem terete, scabrid, usually unbranced, up to 20cm high. Leaves opposite decussate, petioles 2-5mm, lamina elliptic to narrowly elliptic 1.5-4.5X0.4-1.3cm, mucronate apex, tapering at base. flowers solitory, peduncle 1-3mm ling, bracts solitory, linear; sepals linear acuminate, scabrous; corolla 2.5-3.5cm long, usually slightly curved, greenish yellow; corolla tube 1.2-1.5cm gradually dilated at base, striated with purple lines inside, lower inflated part deep purple. corolla lobes narrowly obovate. Outer corona cupular, with 5 bifid lobes, densely ciliate along margins, inner corona of five linear purple lobes, usually divergent up to 4mm long. Pollen masses yellow. Follicles usually double, tapering to fine point 7×0.4cm. straight. Seeds 5X2mm, ovate, coma white, silky.
Habitat: On basalt hill top at altitude 1296m ASL.




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Visited Nashik Anjaneri hills on 9/2013 Found this beautiful ceropegia Anjanerica 

Anjaneri ceropegia 
Botanical name –  Ceropegia anjanerica
Family – Apocynaceae
Habit –  small herb about 15 cm 
           Flower size 3 cm 
Habitat –  Among Low grass on exposed plateau
Named After Goddess Anjani  
Threatened ceropegia and Endemic to Anjaneri hills  
Very few individuals in Habitat need quick steps to conserve this narrow endemic to species.

Thanks, … Your posts on Ceropegia are unique. Wonderful work.

Very good find. Great endevour for last few months from you. Best wishes for further explorations.