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Help ID of following Ornamental Bush, photographed on 01Sep13 at Dhavlas.


Asystasia gangetica, but can be wrong since there is no information besides images.


SK 2870 16 February 2021
4 images.
I think it will be Ruellia ciliatiflora as per images and references herein.

Net images and efi images of this sp. looks different!

Which net images ? As it is distributed widely, do you find any images from Indian subcontinent ?

While searching google for this sp., generally most of the images looks different. Also it is not listed in Nepal !

May not be Ruellia ciliatiflora as discussed in other posts.
Looking for the id of this elusive plant.

Yes … I am desperate too!

Pl. check Asystasia gangetica

Does not look like matching with  https://efloraofindia.com/2011/02/08/asystasia-gangetica/ !