Images by Surajit Koley (inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)


This is 4 ft. tall species found in a low land.

Date & Place : 5/Nov/2012; Hooghly

This is Cyperus inundatus Roxb. of Flora Indica = Juncellus inundatus Clarke of Bengal Plants & F. B. I. = Cyperus serotinus Rottb.

  1. http://luirig.altervista.org/flora/taxa/index1.php?scientific-name=cyperus+serotinus
  2. http://www.actaplantarum.org/acta/galleria1.php?aid=2946




I am attaching 7 (seven) pictures of a cyperaceae that i found on 5th October, 2013. I have marked it as “new” and features are-

I am also attaching, for comparison –
  1. two pictures of C. digitatus R., as i think it resembles the illustration of spike in FoP
  2. three pictures of C. pilosus Vahl, identified in my recent post
  3. entry of C. pilosus Vahl. in FBI, where Dr. Hooker informs, “… there are two plants exceedingly like C. pilosus in general aspect, viz. Juncellus Monti and Cyperus procerus Rottb. …”
The plant in this thread is surely not C. digitatus R., I think.
Both, C. pilosus Vahl & C. procerus Rottb. should be found in West Bengal/Central Bengal.
Now, what is the current accepted name of Juncellus monti? If it looks like J. inundatus Clarke (syn. Cyperus inundatus Roxb.) then the plant in this thread might be the same, as in my earlier post which is still pending.
So. also attaching entry of J. inundatus Clarke, in FBI.
J. inundatus Clarke is also found in Central Bengal & Sundarbans.


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