I am planning a series of small books “Know Your Fruits and Vegetables”
The first part covering Cucurbits has just been published through Power Publishers.
This full colour 122 pages book has about 265 photographs mostly taken by me from Delhi and California and about 25-30 used with permission of members of this group and outside.
I am thankful to Dinesh ji, Pravin ji, Nidhan ji, Balkar ji, Prashant ji, Mayur ji, Ritesh ji, Aarti ji, Surajit ji, Rathinasabapathy ji and Nayan ji for allowing me to use photographs. I will send each one a specimen copy, once I get them as a token of my gratitude.
The book is currently available at the website of Power publishers
It will soon be available with
Congrats, … A hard labour of many years.