Euphorbiaceae Fortnight : Euphorbia echinus : BBC Show,Mumbai : 071113 : AK-34 : Attachments (2). 3 posts by 2 authors.
Euphorbia echinus at the BBC Show in Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai.
For id confirmation.

I think the identity is correct. In that case, the correct name should be Euphorbia officinarum subsp. echinus (Hook.f. & Coss.) Vindt [syn.: Euphorbia echinus Hook.f. & Coss.]



Cactus for ID : Flower Show,Mumbai : 210213 : AK-4:
Another cactus seen at the flower show in Mumbai during Feb,2013.
Again a cultivated, potted, ornamental plant.

could it be the ORGAN PIPE CACTUS?

USA has national monument in its name…
see attached
screen shot of google search..

euphorbia sps

Yes … This is Euphorbia species
Difference between Euphorbia and Cactus are as follows
The spines in a cactus are many and come from a circular area called aerole.
In Euphorbia there is no aerole and spines are only 2[modified stipules]
Euphorbia has white latex, cactus generally has transparent sap. All cacti are exotic, they come from America. Many Euphorbia species are indigenous [eg E.nerifolia, E.lactea…..]
In catus the flower is solitary [usually big and showy].
In euphobia it is a group of tiny flowers.. flower head.. male and female separate lacking petals [Chyme inflorescence]

This appears to be the same as at Euphorbia officinarum subsp. echinus (Hook.f. & Coss.) Vindt

Yes appears to be the same.

Euphorbia for ID : Flower Show,Mumbai : 030313 : AK-1 : 2 images.
Euphorbia seen at the flower show in Mumbai during Feb,2011.
…, after your description, this seem to be Euphorbia. Hope to get it identified.

Is it the same as at Euphorbia officinarum subsp. echinus ?

Pl. see one image at Heathy honey

Images of Euphorbia echinus from the link looks close to me.



References: The Plant List  

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