Goniothalamus cardiopetalus (Dalzell) Hook.f. & Thomson (Images by Anurag N. Sharma & Navendu Page (Inserted by J.M.Garg & Anurag N. Sharma))


Goniothalamus macranthus (Kurz) Boerl. (Images by Tapas Chakrbarty (Inserted by J.M.Garg))


Goniothalamus species ?- Khaari, E. Kameng district, Arunachal Pradesh (Images by Ritesh Kumar Choudhary (Id help by L. Rasingam & Navendu Page) (Inserted by J.M.Garg))


Goniothalamus wynaadensis (Bedd.) Bedd. (India (Kerala) as per POWO)

A conspectus of Indo-Burmese Annonaceae by I. M. Turner- Nordic Journal of Botany 33: 257–299, 2015-

Species in India with distribution:
Goniothalamus cardiopetalus (Dalzell) Hook. f. & Thomson India [Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu]
Goniothalamus griffithii Hook. f. & Thomson- India [Andamans]; Burma 
Goniothalamus keralensis E. S. S. Kumar & al.- India [Kerala] 
Goniothalamus macranthus (Kurz) Boerl.- India [Andamans] 
Goniothalamus macranthus var. brevipetalus Debika Mitra- India [Andamans] 
Goniothalamus malayanus Hook. f. & Thomson- India [Nicobars]  
Goniothalamus rhynchantherus Dunn- India [Kerala, Tamil Nadu] 
Goniothalamus salicinus Hook. f. & Thomson- India; Sri Lanka 
Goniothalamus sesquipedalis (Colebr.) Hook. f. & Thomson- India [Sikkim, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Meghalaya]; Bhutan; Bangladesh; Burma 
Goniothalamus shraddhae S. R. Dutta & S. M. Almeida- India [West Bengal] 
Goniothalamus simonsii Hook. f. & Thomson- India [Assam, Meghalaya] 
Goniothalamus thwaitesii Hook. f. & Thomson- India [Kerala, Tamil Nadu]; Sri Lanka 
Goniothalamus wightii Hook. f. & Thomson- India [Kerala, Tamil Nadu] 
Goniothalamus wynadensis (Bedd.) Bedd.- India [Kerala]

A synopsis of Annonaceae in Indian subcontinent by SR KUNDU (pdf-23 pages)- Thaiszia – J. Bot., Košice, 16: 63-85, 2006. :
Goniothalamus cardiopetalus (Dalz.) Hook. f. & Thoms., Fl. Ind. 107. 1855.: India.
G. gardneri Hook. f. & Thoms. , Fl. Ind.107. 1855.: Sri Lanka, Vietnam.
G. hookeri Thw., Enum. Pl. Zeyl.6.1864.: Sr i Lanka.
G. macranthus (Kurz.) Boerl., Icon. Bogor. 1 : 137. 1899. var. brevipetalus , D. Mi t ra, Bul l . Bot . Surv. India. 35 : 118. 1993.      

G. macranthus (Kurz. ) Boerl., Icon. Bogor. 1: 137. 1899. var. macranthus .: India.
G. malayanus Hook . f . & Thoms., Fl .Ind. 107. 1855.: India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo.
G. meeboldii Craib, Fedde, Repert. 12: 391. 1913.: India, Myanmar. (syn. of Marsypopetalum modestum (Pierre) B. Xue & R. M. K. Saunders in Xue et al. as per A conspectus of Indo-Burmese Annonaceae by I. M. Turner (2015))
G. reticulatus Thw., Enum. Pl. Zeyl .7.398. 1864.: Sri Lanka.
G. rhynchantherus Dunn, Bull . Misc. Inf. Kew 1914 : 182. 1914.: India.
G. salicinus Hook . f . & Thoms., Fl. Ind. 1 : 106. 1855.: Sri Lanka.
G. sesquipedalis (Wall.) Hook . f . & Thoms., Fl . Ind. 108. 1855.: India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar .
G. shraddhae S. R. Dutta & S. M. Almeida, Journ. Bombay, Nat . Hist. Soc. 95.488. 1998.: India.
G. simonsii Hook. f. & Thoms., Fl . Ind.108. 1855.: India.
G. thwaitesii Hook. f. & Thoms., Fl . Ind. 106. 1855.: India, Sri Lanka.
G. thomsonii Thw., Enum. Pl. Zeyl . 7.1864.: Sr i Lanka.
G. walkeri Hook. f. & Thoms., Fl . Ind. 1: 106. 1855.: Sri Lanka.
G. wightii  Hook. f. & Thoms., Fl . Ind.106. 1855.: India.
G. wynaadensis (Beddome) Beddome.I con. Pl . Ind.Or .1:13. 1868-1874.: India.

Binomial Habit Notes References Distribution
(Dalz.) Hook. f. & Thoms.
Tree Western Ghats
& Eastern Ghats, Moist Deciduous to
Evergreen Forests
Flora of Tamil
Nadu, VOL. I, 1983
Goniothalamus rhynchantherus Dunn Tree Western
Ghats, Evergreen Forests
of Tamil Nadu, VOL. I, 1983
Goniothalamus salicina Hook. f. & Thoms. (Goniothalamus salicinus Hook.f. & Thomson) Tree Plains,
Cultivated, Native of  Indo –
Malaysian   Region
J. Irwin, 1996
Goniothalamus thwaitesii Hook. f. &
Tree Western
Ghats, Evergreen Forests
of Tamil Nadu, VOL. I, 1983
Kanniya kumari, Tirunelveli
Goniothalamus wightii Hook. f. & Thoms. Tree Western
Ghats, Evergreen Forests
of Tamil Nadu, VOL. I, 1983
Kanniya kumari, Tirunelveli
Goniothalamus wynadensis (Bedd.) Bedd. Erect
Ghats, Evergreen Forests
of Tamil Nadu, VOL. I, 1983

Botanical name Synonyms Family Common name
Goniothalamus cardiopetalus Polyalthia cardiopetala Annonaceae Ghat Goniothalamus

1997 IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants edited by Kerry Scott Walter, Harriet J. Gillett –
G. hookeri Thw.- V- Sri Llanka
Goniothalamus rhynchantherus Dunn – R – Kerala & Tamilnadu
G. simonsii Hook. f. & Thoms. – I- Meghalaya
G. thomsonii Thw.- I- Sr i Lanka.
Goniothalamus wynaadensis (Bedd.) Bedd.– I – Tamilnadu


Forest Plants of Eastern India By Amal Bhusan Chaudhuri (1993)- Brief details-
Goniothalamus sesquipedalis HK.F.& TH. 

A New Species of Goniothalamus (Blume) Hook. f. & Thomson (Annonaceae) from Kerala, India by E. S. Santhosh Kumar(*1), T. Shaju(1), P. E. Roy(1) and G. Raj Kumar(1)- Taiwania, 58(3): 171‒175, 2013- with Keys to the species of Goniothalamus occurring in India and Sri Lanka
ABSTRACT: Goniothalamus keralensis E.S.S.Kumar, Shaju, Roy et Raj Kumar, a new species of Goniothalamus (Blume) Hook.f. & Thomson (Annonaceae) is described and illustrated. This species located in the forests of Idukki district in Kerala, India is similar to G. wightii Hook.f. & Thomson, but differs in having the longer leaves with acuminate or acuminate-caudate apex, the shorter pedicels of flowers, smaller sepals which are deciduous in fruits, stamens with glabrous and convex connective, fewer carpels with very short or indistinct style and funnel shaped stigma, and seeds are consistently two in each carpels.

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