Mountain Rose is a tree which occurs in Colombia and Venezuela, though it is widely grown in other tropical regions worldwide.
It grows into a nice medium size tree 20-25 ft (smaller in containers), with dense umbrella-like canopy, spreading 15-20 ft wide. Flowering occurs on 3-4th year from seed. Flowers occur right on the trunk or on the base of branches in brilliant red clusters. Leaves are very long, even-pinnate, with pointed leaflets. Young leaflets are pale green to pinkish, almost white, sometimes with light variegation, and hangs down like a large handkerchief (like in all related species (browneas, amherstia, maniltoa, etc.).~

It may not be the stated species if we go by the following link. Pl. check:
It may be possible to differentiate Cultivated Indian Brownea species based on the details in following link:
Tropical Planting and Gardening with Sepcial Reference to Ceylon By H. F. Macmillan (1935- Description with differences– Cultivated in Sri Lanka- Brownea ariza Benth., Brownea coccinea, Brownea × crawfordii S.Watson, Brownea grandiceps Jacq., Brownea macrophylla)