It is happy to inform about the publication of the latest issue (volume 9) of SAMAGRA, the journal of Centre for Research in Indigenous Knowledge, Science & Culture (CRIKSC).

The main article of the present issue is by Prof. TC Narendran and his team, describing five new insect species, which parasites on a wood-boring insect. All the new species were collected from the holes of a fallen tree in the Periyar Tiger Reserve, of Kerala in the Western Ghats of India.

These are named as Metapelma periyaricum, Metapelma kokkaricum, Calosota idukkiensis, Calosota iochroma and Tetrastichus demonaxi. Three of them are named after the locality of collection (such as Periyar Tiger Reserve (PTR); Kokkara- a place near Thekkady in PTR; Idukki district), fourth one based on the metalic pink colouration, and the fifth one after the host insect, Demonaxi decorus, a wood eating beetle.

The current issue contains two Bryophyte papers also; one on the genus Bazzania in Kerala and other on Symphyodon complanatus in Kerala.

The pdf files of the papers are uploaded to the SAMAGRA sites.

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KP Rajesh

Details are here

SAMAGRA Volume 9 [Published on 26 December 2013] (ISSN 0973-3906 print)

Front cover [view]

Front cover inner [view]

Back cover [view]

Contents [view]

Statement about ownership of SAMAGRA [view]

Taxonomic studies on some Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera) associated with Xylophagous beetle Demonax decorus Gahan (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) from Kerala (India) with descriptions of five new species. T.C. Narendran, K. Rajmohana, A. Peter and C. Bijoy. 3-22. [view]

The genus Bazzania (Marchantiophyta) in Kerala (India). K.M. Manjula, V. Vidya and C.N. Manju. 23-27. [view]

Symphyodon complanatus Dixon (Sematophyllaceae: Moss) a new record for Kerala (India). K.P. Rajesh, B. Mufeed and C.N. Manju. 28-30. [view]

Science and art: some random thoughts. K.S. Manilal. 31-42. [view]

Dr Sir Hari Singh Gour and the Simon Commission. K.S. Manilal. 43-45.

Periodic table of phonemes in Malayalam. K. Sugathan. 46-47. [view]

Editor’s pick: Queen Beatrix of the Dutch Monarchy abdicated. K.S. Manilal. 48. [view]


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