It is relevant to mention here in this fortnight of Euphorbiaceae that the complete account of Indian Euphorbiaceae is now available as Flora of India Vol-23 which includes Loranthaceae, Viscaceae, Santalaceae, Balanophoraceae, Buxaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Daphniphyllaceae. It is a much awaited publication of Botanical Survey of India and being Govt publication has low price too. This entire document of 558 pages describes 506 species within 92 genera of above mentioned five families. 89 colour photographs and 52 line diagrams are also added with text.

As per the information available in this document (Balakrishnan et al. 2012) Euphorbiaceae are represented by 70 genera and 410 species in India. This number includes all the wild species and many cultivated species. We may later assess that how many species we have in our database as photographs.

Here I wish to congratulate, and say thanks too, to Dr N.P.Balakrishnan, Dr T.Chakrabarty and other authors for producing this important document on floristic diversity of India.

Me too extend hearty congratulations and salutes to … and … for their great efforts and knowledge.

A really great contribution. I have initiated steps for its purchase, but unfortunately with present mechanism of sale it takes up to two months for book to reach you.

I have purchased a copy of it from Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh Dehradun and it costs Rs 712=00 only.

We are now writing family Euphorbiaceae sensu lato in Banglagesh with collaboration with Prof. M. K. Pasha of Chittagong University. Our next book, Pamily Phyllanthaceae in Indian subcontinent is almost ready. I am really grateful for your comments, love and appreciation.

Dr N.P.Balakrishnan, Dr T.Chakrabarty have indeed done us all proud through the publication.
Received my copy yesterday and here are a few observations from a lay person:
It’s compact, just slightly larger than a field guide (format).
It’s hard cover and good quality binding will ensure a long life!
The quality of the paper is also good.
Overall, the book is well conceived and executed from a publishing angle.