Cambodia (N) ; Comoro Is (I) ; India (N) ; Andhra Pradesh; Bihar ; Goa ; Gujarat ; Karnataka; Kerala; Madhaya Pradesh; Maharashtra ; Orissa ; Rajasthan ; Tamil Nadu ; Uttar Pradesh ; West Bengal; Vietnam (N); Madagascar (I) ; Mauritius (I); Mayotte (I) as per ILDIS;
Three four hairy species are quite confusing and we have to follow the following keys from Flora of Peninsular India as below:

36 Leaves elliptic lanceolate or oblong, more than twice as long as broad
  38 Stipules prominent ovate lanceolate or lanceolate
    39 Stem with spreading hairs
    41 Pods slightly exserted, 15-20 seeded   …. C.hirta
    41 Pods much exserted , 20-35 seeds
      42 Leaves villous beneath; bracts often 3 lobed; pods subsessile  ….. C.mysorensis
      42 Leaves appressed pubescent beneath; bracts simple; pods shortly stalked …. C.ferruginea
38 Stipules minute or 0.
  43 Pods as long as or shorter than calyx
    44 Calyx to 0.8 cm long; upper two lobes connate except at tip; pods globose … C.linifolia
    44 Calyx to 2.5 cm long; lobes connate at base only; pods oblong …. C. calycina
Pods twice as long as calyx as per An Excursion Flora of Central Tamilnadu, India By K. M. Matthew (1995- Description with keys)  

Diffuse, branched annual herbs; stems terete, velutinous, hairs silky brown, 2-4 mm long, spreading. Leaves simple, alternate, 1.1-3.3 x0.3-0.7 cm, linear-lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, acute or cuneate at base, obtuse and apiculate at apex, sericeo-villous on both surfaces, more on the lower, margins ciliate, main lateral veins 2-3 pairs, obscure; petioles 1-2 mm long, villous; stipules absent. Racemes terminal; peduncles 1.0-2.5cm long, pubescent. Flowers 1-5, crowded or subcapitate, 9-10 x 4-5 mm; pedicels 2-3 mm long, pubescent; bracts lanceolate-acuminate, 6-8 x 1.5-2.5 mm, pilose, stalked; bracteoles 2, beneath the calyx, linear-lanceolate, 4.5-5.0 x ca 1 mm, acuminate, densely pilose. Calyx deeply 5-lobed, tube ca 2 mm long, 2 lipped, lobes 8-9 x 0.7- 2.0 mm, densely pilose, hairs up to 1 mm long, 2 lipped, lobes 8-9 x 0.7-2.0 mm, densely pilose, hairs up to 1 mm long, margins ciliate, upper lip 2- lobed, lobes lanceolate, acuminate at apex, lower lip 3-lobed, lobes linear-lanceolate, acuminate at apex. Corolla yellow, equal to calyx or slightly exserted; vexillum obovate-oblong, elliptic-oblong, ca 8 x 4-5 mm, pilose on the back at apex, hairs up to 2 mm long, claw ca 1 mm long, straight; wing petals oblong or obovate-oblong, ca 6 x 1.2-2.0 mm, claw ca 1 mm long; keel petals 7-9 x ca 3 mm, beak 3-5 mm long, twisted. Staminal sheath 2-3 mm long; free filaments 2.0-2.5 mm long; longer anthers linear or linear-oblong, 1.0-1.7 mm long; shorter anthers ovoid-oblong, 0.3-0.4 mm long. Ovary sessile, obovate-oblong, 3-5 x 0.7-2.0 mm, glabrous; style 6-8 mm long; ovules 21. Pods sessile, ovoid-oblong, 11-12 x ca 6 mm, beaked, glabrous, brown; seeds 15-20, reniform, ca 1.5 x 1.5 mm, brown

Flowering and fruiting: October-February
Scrub jungles


Fabaceae (Faboideae) Fortnight :: Crotalaria calycina ?:: Morni Hills :: NS OCT 20/20  : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
This silky herb was seen at Morni hills, Haryana…
Can this be Crotalaria calycina ? 

Crotalaria calycina Schrank

Images may be of Crotalaria hirta as per images herein. Pl. validate.

Thanks …, You may be right, but my pics are not conclusive, until I get it again in better stage, id cannot be confirmed..

Thanks a lot …, I am taking this as C. hirta
Please also see: efi thread


Requesting ID for this Fabaceae herb.
Location: Kusur- Lonavala.

Seems to be Crotalaria. Will look forward to its ID.
I may have posted one similar sighting from Tung.

Crotalaria species in eFloraofindia (with details/ keys from published papers/ regional floras/ FRLHT/ FOI/ Biotik/ efloras/ books etc., where ever available on net) 

Could it be Crotalaria calycina ?

It will be helpful if short description is provide about the plant: Viz. habit, height of the plant, presence of stipule or otherwise etc.

Images of Crotalaria calycina at efi page

I guess wrong ID !

I think appears more closer to images at Crotalaria hirta

yes, it looks





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Flora of Madhya Pradesh: Chhatarpur and Damoh By G. P. Roy, B. K. Shukla, Bhaskar Datt (1992- Description with keys)

An Excursion Flora of Central Tamilnadu, India By K. M. Matthew (1995- Description with keys)