Striga indica K. M. Prabhu, P. Jayanthi, A. Rajendran & M. Sabu, 2013;  


Striga indica (Orobanchaceae) – A new parasitic species from Southern Western Ghats of India P. JAYANTHI1, K. M. PRABHU KUMAR*, 1, A. RAJENDRAN1, BINU THOMAS1, M. SABU2 & A. K. PRADEEP2 is published.
Congrats all of them.

Great work and congratulations to all the authors.

Images of Striga species : 3 posts by 1 author. Attachments (2)
attaching images of Striga species from nashik taken on 17 july 

… is Striga indica as per the discussions with …, who has reported this new species and this is a new record for Maharashtra 

Plant for ID :: Satara :: ARKDEC05 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)

This was spotted on the rocks on a hill near Satara, Maharashtra in Oct 2015. Can this be some Striga?
The earlier year, I had spotted Striga gesnerioides in the same area.
Please ID.

I too think it to be Striga, most probably a freak variation of Striga gesnerioides.

Let us wait for comment(s).

This may not be Striga gesnerioides as per images and details herein. Colour seems to be totally different.
May be something else.

seems to be Striga indica,
recently it is reported from Maharashtra as addition to Maharashtra flora.
Me also collected it from Maharashtra.