Andrographis alata (Vahl) Nees, Prodr. 11: 516 1847. (syn: Justicia alata Vahl (Unresolved));

Images by P. Santhan (Inserted
by J.M.Garg)


Malayalam Vallikiriyathu

Slender subshrubs to 1 m. Leaves opposite, 7 x 3 cm, elliptic-obovate, gradually acute, puberulous above; petiole to 0.5 cm. Panicles axillary and terminal, to 10 cm; flowers ca. 1 cm apart, subsessile; pedicel 0.3 cm; bracts lanceolate, 0.3 cm, acute; bracteoles 2. Calyx-lobes 5, to 4 mm, glandular-hairy, acute. Corolla white with purple lines, eglandular without, 10 x 0.2 cm across; tube 6 mm, puberulous within the throat below; upper lip 7 mm; lower lip 8 mm, free. Stamens 2, to 1 cm; anthers 2.5 mm, glabrous. Ovary oblong, 1.5 mm, pubescent; style 1 cm, hairy. Capsule oblong, 1.5 x 0.3 cm, acute, glandular-hairy; seeds ovoid, 1.5 mm across.

Flowering and fruiting: November
Shady areas in grasslands
Peninsular India and Sri Lanka

Andrographis alata (Vahl.) Nees : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1).  
Andrographis alata (Vahl.) Nees, Fam: Acanthaceae

Ascending wild herb
Talakona, Chithoor Dt, Andhrapradesh;  I saw it in Chennai area, western Ghats near Coimbatore.
slightly bitter, some times substitute for Kalmeg



Andrographis alata (Vahl) Nees SN 15Jan 09 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2)
Andrographis alata (Vahl) Nees,
frequent wild herb from shady moist areas of Kanchepuram dt Tamilnadu



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Andrographis alata (Vahl) Nees, frequently growing undershrub in shade moist foot hill areas,
slightly bitter used just like A. paniculata in medicine, 



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Here with attached one Andrographis species I checked species comes under elongata any body can help me.. picture taken from thirumala hills, tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

Is it Andrographis paniculata?

It seems to be Andrographis paniculata.

It is Andrographis alata, I also collected from Tirumala area as well as Chennai area, it will be found in shade moist localities.