During my various visits to high altitude areas in Himachal (3500-3900 m asl) I have clicked photos of some Salix species, that are pending identification. I am searching my image repository to locate as many of these as possible for sharing with efloraofindia fraternity with request for identification. 
In the following mails I’ll upload 4-5 species for identification.

Could be but not sufficient image! 

As per my limited knowledge of this group, this resembles S. sericocarpa which has been described under S. daphnoides var indica and S. insignis by earlier authors. Young stems are shining greenish brown and old ones are shining ashy grey. It is frequent in Lahaul and lower parts of Spiti. Not sure, from where … photographed it.
There is a nomenclatural snag in this group. In some old literature Salix daphnoides is reported from Shimla, Chakrata etc which is now recognized as S. dolichostachya and sometimes confused with S. wallichiana.